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Common Questions

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How to apply for bank financing?

All you need to is to fill-up the online application form and attached needed requirements. Click here to apply.

What are the requirements needed to apply for bank financing?

Below is the list of requirements for bank financing.


For Employed:

  • Valid Id’s
  • COE
  • Latest 3 Months Payslip

For Self Employed:

  • Valid Id’s
  • Latest 6 months Bank Statement
  • ITR/ AFS


  • Valid Id’s
  • Latest Contract
  • Proof of Remittance
What is the unit warranty?
5 years unlimited mileage.
What are covered by warranty?

Below is the list of covered by warranty:

  • Free Labor & Free Parts Covering
  • Engine System
  • Chassis System
  • Transmission
  • Electrical Modules
  • Motor Driven Components
  • Air Conditioning System


2 yrs Warranty

  • Battery (or 40,000KM)
  • Audio System (or 50,000KM)


60 months or 100,000 KMs

  • Suspension System Tie Rods
  • Rack Ends
  • Pipes
  • Hoses
  • Mountings
  • Catalytic Converter


Separate Tire Warranty – provided by tire company

H100 - Aircondition and read body covered by local suppliers

What is not covered by warranty?

Below is the list of NOT covered by warranty:

  • Wrong Fuel
  • Non-Genuine Parts
  • Non-Compliance
  • Modification
  • Alteration
  • Tampering
  • Normal Maintenance Services
  • Cleaning Air Conditioning System
What are the insurance claim requirements?

Below is the list of requirements for insurance claim:

  • Insurance Policy with Official Receipt
  • Endorsements (if any)
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Official Receipt (LTO)
  • Drivers Licenesed and Official Receipt
  • Duly Notarized Affidavit (Original)
  • Police Report (Original)
  • Picture of Damage Portions
  • Stencil of Motor & Chassis Number
  • Repair Estimate
What about third-party claim?

Same Requirements (mentioned above)

Certificate of No Claim (from Insurance Company of Third party) Original